A place to share your own Naruto fan fiction. X overs allowed.
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 Hello All!

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PostSubject: Hello All!   Tue Sep 23, 2008 1:20 pm

Hi and welcome to my Forum. Here you are able to make Anime/Manga fanfictions but PLZ try to make most Naruto.....the name.....Of course Bleach, Code, Geass, and DBZ ETC are welcome. Xovers are allowed.
Please rate your Fic before you make it. Look below for Ratings.


Y: For younger people, as in no Swears (or very little and nothing major) No sexual content, no drugs , not alot of violence

PT: For people aged 10-13, some swears, no drug use or very little at all, Violence, but not too graphic, no Sexual content, though intermediate romance is allowed.

T: For people aged 14-17, any ammount of swears, but please don't over do it, SOME drug use but rare, if any, any amount of violence, and, if it HAS to go into the fic, the smallest, non-detailed, sexual content. SMALLEST AMOUNT! If anymore and it's rated lower, it you shall get a warning to change ranking and if you don't, i'll remove it.

LM: for people aged 18-2X, swears, some drug use, violence, small amounts of non-detailed sexual content.

MA: for people upper 20s and more, LOTS of swears, drug use, detailed violence, and sexual content (Don't go overboard).
Note, in MA, you must ALSO put a warning about the sexual content. If you do not, i'll make you change and if you don't do it or change it back later, a warning, 3 warnings and your BANNED until futher notice.


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Hello All!
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