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 Project lololol

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PostSubject: Project lololol   Tue Sep 22, 2009 3:26 pm

Allen paced back and forth, waiting for his father to arrive. He waited and waited. He was an hour late! He took out his cell phone, and looked at the clock. 5:00! He moaned as the phone died in his hand. As Allen waited, the wind started to blow, and he sneezed. He gave up on waiting, and then decided to walk home. The cool autumn breeze blew down the cement sidewalk. A humming started on the fringes of his hearing, and it started to increase. He turned, and a dark green pick up truck drove up, and stopped. The car door opened, and his old family friend, Dane, stepped out.
“Hey Allen! How’re you doing?” he said lazily.
“Cold…” Allen shivered out.
“Where’s your father?”
“I don’t know… I’ve been waiting for an hour,” Allen stated bitterly.
“Well, I was on my way to your house anyway, so get in. I’ll bring you home.
Allen clambered in, his numb fingers grasping at the seat belt. He wiped his nose on his sleeve, and placed his backpack at his feet. Dane climbed into the truck, and turned the ignition. The truck purred to life, and Dane put the truck into “Drive”. The truck accelerated, and lurched forward. Trees flashed by, and the road sped by. After 15 minutes, Allen’s house appeared on the horizon, and Dane pulled over. Something was instantly wrong. The door stood ajar, and the windows where dark.
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Project lololol
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